The World’s Premiere Industrial Automation Trade Show Brand is Coming to the US

SPS - Smart Production Solutions, organized by Mesago Messe Frankfurt, is a renowned global trade event for the automation industry. It serves as a vital platform for knowledge exchange and advancement in the field of industrial automation. To enhance its reach and impact, SPS will be expanding into the US market. 

2025 Brings the Future of Automation to Atlanta


In 2025, SPS will debut as an independent event in Atlanta, known as SPS Atlanta 2025.

This expansion and the introduction of the stand-alone event will be developed in partnership with The Association of Manufacturing Technology (AMT) and will further accelerate and facilitate the exchange of ideas and innovation in the automation industry.

SPS Atlanta’s focus is to provide optimal solutions for a wider range of manufacturing processes.

The unique concept of SPS covers the entire spectrum of smart and digital automation from simple sensors to intelligent solutions, from what is feasible today to the vision of a fully digitized industrial world.

While many of the other automation shows focus more on end-use products like a robotic arm or an automated sorter, SPS takes it a bit deeper and looks at smart solutions more broadly.

What to Expect:

  • Unique hands-on experience for solution-oriented and practical conversations
  • An extensive educational program with topic-oriented forums, cutting-edge presentations, and panel discussions
  • Connect with hundreds of quality international exhibitors