Information on Exhibiting

More than robots, SPS Atlanta focuses on the entire spectrum of smart and digital automation - from sensors to integrated-intelligent solutions, from control technology to manufacturing cybersecurity, from what is feasible today to the vision of a fully digitized industrial world.

Join international exhibitors as they gather to showcase their newest innovations to the manufacturing automation community comprised of decision-makers from across the southeast region of the US and beyond.

Why Exhibit?

  • Showcase your products and services to a highly targeted audience.
  • Engage in face-to-face interactions with key decision-makers and field experts.
  • Position your company as a leader in the field, gaining recognition and credibility within the market.
  • Harness the power of networking to propel the growth and success of your business.

Get Ready for an Increase!

  • In visibility
  • In audience engagement
  • In market leadership
  • In networking opportunities

Exhibitor Contacts